Dye and coating

With the most modern equipment, extensive knowledge and years of experience, we offer superior powder coating service.

Powder coating is an application of the paint in the form of a powder to the surface of the workpiece or metal. Because it is a so-called dry powder coating, the adhesive is not applied, but rather the coat itself takes its place. Electrostatic gun is used to apply the powder, which is then exposed in a furnace at high temperatures, melting the coat and when cooled down, we have a smooth homogeneous surface, which is solid and robust.

Powder coating is mainly used on metal products, since it has to be exposed to certain higher temperatures. We are high in demand of coating steel products, aluminum products and stainless steel material, but other metals are also suitable for powder coating.

Advantages of powder coating;

-Greater resistance to mechanical damage (scratches, knocks), chemical influences and also to external weather conditions (heat, rust); thereby extending the life of the product,
– An environmentally friendly way of dyeing, because there are no dangerous chemicals and volatile organic solvents, paint itself is ecologically harmless.
– A single application of paint is enough, there is no need to repeat the process,
– Surface irregularities are easier to correct and less noticeable, compared to spray painting,
– The product is ready immediately after the dyeing cycle is complete, as the product doesn’t need to dry,
– On the market there is a huge range of colors from the RAL color scale, the choice of the structure of color (smooth / rough) and gloss (glossy / matte).